Graduation Rate-Improved, and We Must Do Better

Fremont County School District 1’s graduation rate has improved each of the last four years and is above the state average of 81.4%. This should be celebrated for the accomplishment that it is and everyone in the district should be proud of the role that they played in delivering this good news. The reality though is that we rank 29th out of 48 districts in the state. In fact, we rank 4th out of 8 districts in Fremont County. More important than how we rank though is what this means. While 85% have graduated 15% have not. Not graduating from high school will detrimentally effect these students for the rest of their┬álives.

Students who don’t complete high school earn significantly less than those that do and the difference between a non-high school grad and a graduate with some college is phenomenal. In addition to earnings the most recent recession has shown a major difference in unemployment rates for non-graduates, high school grads and college graduates. Having and holding a job, and making good wages is directly related to the amount of education a student has completed.


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